Studio Quality Sound played LIVE

Our backing tracks are created in-house in our very own 48-channel recording studio.

Why does this matter ?

Most  bands utilize downloaded MP3 files, or  inferior MIDI files to fill in their drums, bass and other instruments.

While these files may sound great played on portable MP3 players, they leave a lot to be desired In a live room… they are simple files, and they sound simply awful when amplified by a powerful, accurate sound reinforcement PA system.

We create all our backing tracks from scratch, using the latest and greatest  DAW software, incorporating the very  best VST plug-ins and samples created by some of the world’s best  drummers, recorded in world-famous soundstages and studios.

All our backing tracks are assembled and mastered at  96 Khz  at 24-bit sample depths, resulting In sonic clarity and dynamic range which is twice the commercial CD standard.

From bass lines rivalling the best Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker and many other legendary bass guitars played through iconic amplifiers like the Ampeg SVT, to the magical swirling soundscapes of a Hammond tonewheel organ spinning through a Leslie 147…

One listen and you’ll know you’re hearing something special, presented by seasoned musicians whose attention to detail borders on the fanatical.